Out of School Hours Care

Out of School Hours Care

is a non-profit service designed to provide high quality and affordable child care and education services for children on a casual, part-time or emergency basis.

The centre, based at Pooraka Primary School, aims to assist families with primary school-aged children. We provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for all children that focuses on encouraging well-balanced growth and development – physically, emotionally, intellectually, linguistically, socially and culturally.

Each child is recognised as unique with individual needs – this is recognised as one of the cornerstones of our activities. Understanding the need for parent support; we encourage parents and/or carers to participate in the operation of O.S.H.C. Our staff promotes the benefits of parent involvement and we regularly liaise with you as part of developing tailored programs for children.

Children are actively encouraged to take part in a wide variety of supervised games and craft, both indoors and outdoors. It doesn’t matter where your child attends school, all are welcome and, in many instances, parents share travel arrangements.

General Information

For more information please contact the office on 8262 1010

Our staff are fully trained in first aid and we proudly maintain our facilities to State licensing standards in safety cleanliness and maintenance. All outdoor areas are appropriately fenced and monitored.

Unwell children are advised to remain at home to ensure your children’s health.

The centre is conveniently located so you can collect your child at any time, or call in for a brief visit.

Our staff are available throughout the day to answer any queries you might have and can be contacted on 0401121398.

Occasionally cooking activities are undertaken and O.S.H.C has developed a special menu to promote healthy eating to children.
O.S.H.C acknowledges the needs of different cultures and maintains an interest in providing additional support services for families from non-English speaking backgrounds.
As a non-profit organisation, the costs involved in caring for your children are maintained at an affordable level. Some families are also eligible to obtain further reductions through the Child Care Assistance program offered by the Federal Government. Pleas contact the centre for further information.

Pooraka Primary School is open during office hours and can be contacted on 8262 1010 or you can speak directly to the O.S.H.C Coordinator by phoning 0401121398.

Please contact our staff for further information on costs.

11 South Terrace

Pooraka, SA 5095



8:00AM - 3:30PM

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