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SAPSASA is a sports program for primary aged students from 10 years old. Pooraka has a long history of strong student participation in a range of SAPSASA sports such as rugby, swimming, athletics, soccer, tennis and cricket. Students may volunteer to participate in one or more of these events.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student Voice gives students the opportunity to be involved in making decisions and creating positive changes in their school.

Student Voice consists of an ‘Active Leaders Group’, which includes a small group of year 6 students, and 1 ‘Student Representative’ and 1 ‘Vice Representative’ from each class. Student representatives are responsible for communicating between the ‘Student Voice’ committee and their classes to ensure all information is shared and all student voices are heard.

Student Voice is focusing on projects to promote learning, leadership, wellbeing and kindness across the school.

Student Voice reports on their progress and updates the student body on current issues through ‘Pooraka News’ videos at assemblies..

Leadership Awards

Student Leadership

How students support the school community:

Raising and lowering the school flags
Managing the recycling bins
Volunteering in the school canteen
Working with younger students in their classes
Representing the school in SAPSASA sports

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Pooraka, SA 5095



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