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Who we are

We have over 50% of our students come from ESL backgrounds including Vietnamese, Afghani, Indian, Pakistani and African nations.

Pooraka Primary School is a government category 3 school (lower socio-economic) located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

The school has a population of approximately 250 students R-7 in 10 classrooms across two main buildings. The site also has a hall on site and the original 100 year old school building which are used for specialist teaching subjects.

The school has strong links to the community with the local Unity Park, nearby tennis club and our local kindergarten and childcare centre.

The school has a Vietnamese language maintenance program and many students enter the school upon exiting intensive English language programs at nearby sites.

Meet Our Staff

Who work hard to provide the best educational environment

Ali Thomson


Deborah Barry

Deputy Principal

Deb Foreman

Literacy Coach

Classroom Teachers

Alison Hepple – Area 4 ( Mon, Tues )

Katie Mays – Year 1/ Year 2, Area 5

Liana Huppatz – Room 1 ( Mon, Tues & Wed a.m )

Jenelle Lewis – Room 1 ( Wed p.m, Thurs & Fri )

Belinda Kinsella – Area 4 (Wed, Thurs & Fri )

Megan Becker – Year 4/5/6 Room 3

Janiece Chiera -Year Reception / Year 1

Deb Kruk – Room 2 ( Mon, Tues & Wed )

Marghie Hooi – Room 2 ( Thurs & Fri )

Jason Chigwidden – Year 2 / 3, Room 4

Stewart Andrews – Year 4 / 5, Room 8

Anne Peters – Year 6/7, Room 10

Sally Clarke – Year 6/7, Room 9

Rikki White – Room 9 Monday, Room 10 Wednesday

Focus Area Teachers
Michael Rodda – PE (Monday, Tuesday) Performing Arts Wed, Thurs, Fri

David Warren – Resource Based Learning, Science

Elena Larice – Italian

Athena Frangos – EALD English as an Additional Language or Dialect

Nhan Chau – Vietnamese

School Support Officers

Ann Saltmarsh – Administration Officer

Verlaine Dannenberg – Business Manager

Sue Hoile – Student support/Special Education

Kathleen Stevens – Student support/Library

Dimity Sandford – Student support

Danni Gaul -Student support

Tania Emrose-Starr – Student Support

Sam Ward – Student support

Solmaz Klunyk- Student support

Tam Dang – Student support

Beth Templeton – Student support

Lochlan Buckskin-Stephenson – ACEO

Clive Barclay – Grounds

Sandra Evans – Director


We have an OSHC service that provides before and after school care and a vacation care service to students from Pooraka and within the local area.

Our music program and our OSHC operate from the building closest to Main North Road we call ACRA.

What we stand for

Caring, Respect, Cooperation, Trust and Responsibility

At Pooraka we have a strong culture of connecting with our families and local community. Each year we have school and community events to promote the school. Our annual end of year concert and Book Week Parade are well loved by the community.

Parents are also encouraged to become directly involved in the school and their children’s education in various ways – classroom help with reading, excursions, local walks etc. There are also opportunities for parents to be on Governing Council and the various committees that Governing Council manages.

The School Day

Before school all students are expected to be on the hard play area and not be inside unless they are accompanied by their own parent/family adult. Handball with tennis balls is allowed but no large balls are permitted to be played with during this time due to safety reasons. .

Yard supervision commences (Teachers on duty in classrooms)

Students move from yard to classrooms to get ready for the day

Recess begins

End of Recess (First bell – students move to lines, Second bell – students move with teachers to classrooms)

Students eat lunch in class (students at NIT lessons return to class)

Lunch playtime session begins

End of Lunch (First Bell-students move to lines)

Second bell – students move with teachers to classrooms

End of school day

Yard supervision ceases


Scholastic Australia Book Club is very popular among the children. It is voluntary, and is well received throughout the school. It enables students to choose from a vast selection of recommended titles.

The following areas are available:

Lucky Book Club

Reading Age 5-8 years

Arrow Book Club

Reading Age 8-11 years

Star Book Club

Reading Age 11+years


Our school utilises Rory’s Lunches on Thursdays for school lunch orders. Orders can be placed via the Qkr! app until 8.30am on the day.



Report an Absence

So call us now: 08 8262 1010


Submit a student absence

7 + 7 =

11 South Terrace

Pooraka, SA 5095



8:00AM - 3:30PM

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