Teaching & Learning - Digital Technologies


We have a Learning Technologies Coordinator to support with technical and curriculum needs across the school. There is a computer room in the main building  for whole class teaching. A roster for the room is organised at the beginning of each school year. There are also smaller computer rooms in the library for teachers and small groups of students to use. The school has a strong commitment to Cyber Safety. Students learn about appropriate use of computers and the internet both in and out of school. The Learning Technologies Coordinator works with classes on the development of learning technology skills. Each learning space also has an interactive white board and a set of 6 iPads for use in the classroom.

The school has a Facebook page which is managed and monitored by the Learning Technologies Coordinator. This is a great way to keep in touch with school and classroom events and achievements.

Facebook: Pooraka Primary School Official Page

Families can also use our Skoolbag app to receive news and notices from the school. 

How to get Skoolbag