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The Australian Curriculum is the core curriculum document used in public schools across South Australia. The subject areas are: English, Mathematics, Arts, Technologies, Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Geography, Business and Economics), Health and Physical Education, Italian and Science. The learning areas form the foundation of the curriculum framework but in the broadest sense, curriculum encompasses everything that students engage with at school. We provide a rich and diverse curriculum in the classroom setting and also with the following special focus areas.

Music weekly lessons in music and visual arts for every class; group programmes in band, music and choir; opportunities for individuals with instruments, compering and performing.

Italian one hour lesson for every student in Italian language and cultural studies. Also participation in Carnivalè and cultural events.


Physical Education specialist weekly lessons in physical education. Also sports teams, sports competitions, visiting coaches for a range of sports, special dance classes, swimming and aquatics.

Science All students have a one hour science lesson per week. Science is taught using the Australian Curriculum and covers Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space and Physical Sciences.

Library and Computingquality facilities, resources and programmes for students, staff and families.


Linked below are Parent Guides to the Australian Curriculum published by ACARA. These provide an excellent overview of the curriculum.

Australian Curriculum Parent Guides

Curriculum Pamphlet.pdf