Teaching & Learning - Area 5

 Welcome to Purple 5!

Your teacher is Narelle Price. In Purple 5 we believe in hands on learning, problem solving and not giving up. We try to encourage a growth mindset and setting learning goals for ourselves to continue achieving. In Purple 5 we know we are all in control of our choices and help each other to make the best ones for our learning. Our days start with either fitness or executive functioning tasks to get our brains and bodies active and engaged for a day of learning. 



Students take home three readers each week (one at, below and above reading level) to read and reread throughout the week. Reading books in this way encourages children to extend their reading skills and and to practise learnt strategies. Re-reading also encourages children to gain better comprehension skills. 

Alongside reading, children will take home a spelling contract to complete throughout the week. Each day requires them to choose a different task for their spelling words.