Teaching & Learning - Area 5

 Welcome to Purple 5!

Jenelle Lewis and Megan Becker will be your teachers for 2017. Jenelle will be in class on Monday and Tuesdays. Megan will work from Wednesday until Friday.

As Purple 5 Superheroes, we enjoy learning through play-based activities. We encourage students to have a positive mindset and imput towards their learning journey. We believe working collaboratively with families is an essential part of a successful learning environment.

Parent involvement and support in student learning forms an important part of Purple 5's classroom. If parents are able to provide support in reading or other areas of the curriculum, please contact the classroom teacher.


Each night, students should read to an adult and learn their sight words. They will have spelling and maths homework to complete each week.

NIT/Special Lessons:


11.20am-12.20pm Science


9-9.45am PE


12.20-2.10pm Music


9.50-11am Italian