Teaching & Learning - Area 4

 Welcome to Blue 4!

Your teacher for 2017 is Mrs Rodda. In Blue 4 we believe in giving everything a try even if we're unsure. We celebrate each others interests and learning and love developing new skills with targeted hands-on activities. Our morning start with either fitness or executive function tasks which help develop working memory, problem solving and resilience. We believe in challenging ourselves and having fun at the same time.


Homework consists of a spelling contract for the week with a combination of in-class words and words from the basic word list. Readers and sight words are also sent home each night for practise. We send home 3 readers a week - one at the student's reading level, one below and one above. This helps to develop confidence and understanding through repetition.

NIT/Special lessons


12.20-2pm Science


9.45-11am PE


11.20am-12.20pm Music



2.10-3pm Italian