Teaching & Learning - Area 2

Welcome to Pink 2!

Welcome to Reception and Year 1for 2017. This Liana Huppatz and Travis Keane are working together in order to provide rich learning experiences and allow for more meaningful conversations with children. Travis, Liana and Deb have an extensive early years background working across kindergarten and school settings and will provide experiences focusing on social skills, literacy and numeracy. Liana will be working 4 days a week with Deb Foreman, the school counsellor, teaching the other day. Outside our classroom we have 3 boards which will be used to share information. There will also be a book outside which will be used to share our learning. Please take the time to view our learning journer. Teachers will be available before and after school if you have any questions, concerns or would like to talk about your child. Alternatively, you can email pink2pooraka@gmail.com.

We will be teaching using aspects of the Walker Learning Approach. This is a well researched and effective teaching method and we look forward to sharing more information and our success with you over the coming weeks.

Our day will start in Pink 2 and we will work between Pink 2 and Yellow 1. 

Pink 2 is set up to provide a range of learning activities to increase motor skills, thinking, problem solving and focus on literacy and numeracy. These activities will be changed on a regular basis based on the needs and interests of the class. Yellow 1 will be used for more traditional lessons such as formal writing and maths activities. 


Each child has a book to practice sounds and sight words and will receive three readers a week.

NIT/Special Lessons:


2-3pm Science


2-3pm PE


12.20-2pm Music


12.15-1.45pm Italian