Teaching & Learning - Room 9

 Room 9

In Room 9, learning opportunities are designed to explore and question unfamiliar content, as well as build on established knowledge.  Tasks will promote creativity and thinking. Students will have opportunities to work independently, in pairs or small groups, groups of similar capabilities and as a whole class forum.  Throughout the year, all of the year level appropriate content within the Australian Curriculum will be covered.  The learning areas include: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education and Italian.

As the senior students in the school, Room 9 will be responsible for a range of roles and jobs each week within the school community.  Consistent engagement in these responsibilities will earn individual Leadership Awards.  For terms 1 and 2, our class will be represented by Steven, Mitchell and Banin in the Student Leadership Group.  They will be responsible for voicing our concerns and interests, as well as promoting positive change around the school and community.


In Room 9, students do not have set seats. Each day they are able to choose a new space in which they feel they will be a successful learner.  This ensures everyone becomes well acquainted with one another, and develops each individual’s peers into valuable resources. 


Class Expectations

To start the year, we established a list of things that as a group we wanted and expected from each other.  Following these expectations will ensure we have an enjoyable and productive year in Room 9.  The list was made into a contract and signed by everyone.

·       Be kind

·       Be safe

·       Respect property

·       Follow instructions

·       Try your best

·       Be where you are meant to be

·       Some sport / free time / games every day

·       Music in class

·       Useful real-life skills learning

·       Class party / celebration / games day once a term

·       5 minutes of chill-out relaxation time after recess and lunch


As explicit and scaffolded teaching and learning takes place at school, homework will solely be the revision of established abilities, and occasionally finishing off uncompleted tasks.  Each week a contract including spelling revision, base numeracy operations and a summary of 1 hours’ worth of reading must be completed.  It is each students’ responsibility to collect the contract at the start of the week and have it submitted and finished by Friday.