Teaching & Learning - Room 3

Welcome to Room 3!

Your teachers for 2017 are Ms Marghie Hooi and Mr Michael Rodda. Ms Hooi is in class on Monday and Tuesday. Mr Rodda is in class Wednesday to Friday (he is on site teaching PE the rest of the week).

In Room 3, we aspire to question and explore unfamiliar content, whilst expanding and progressing our prior knowledge. Open ended discussions, guided by though provoking thoughts, aid in establishing an accessible and interpretable comprehension of learned knowledge.


Every night students are expected to read for 20 minutes (independently or with someone), as well as an additional mathematical or writing based task. The additional task will be relevant to work being completed in class, such as practising spelling words or revising fraction facts.

NIT/Special Lessons


9.20-10am PE


11.20am-12.20pm Science


11.20am-12pm Italian


8.50-9.50am Italian


9-11am Music

1.35-3 Health