Parents - Policies

Pooraka welcomes parent and community members to volunteer in classrooms and programs in the school. If you are interested in volunteering in our school, please contact our office staff to enquire about our next volunteer training session.

Volunteers Policy.pdf

Volunteers Agreement.pdf

Our governing council has ratified the School Dress Code Policy. Our students are required to wear our dress code of navy and red. Students are require not to wear t-shirts with inappropriate logos, tank tops, brief tops, as well as excessive jewellery, tattoos, make up and nail polish. Class teachers follow up issues relating to uniform and Leadership regularly check all classes for uniform compliance.

Dress Code (2015).pdf

Complaint Policy.pdf

Families are required to send a note (a phone call or verbal explanation is also acceptable) to the class teacher stating the reason their child was absent or late. Families are required to sign their child in or out of school if leaving during the day. Students must have a letter of consent to leave the school grounds at any time. The school counsellor will follow up any regular patterns of absence to support families and students in attending school.

Atttendance (September 2013) .pdf


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The school has a comprehensive behaviour management and bullying and harassment policies. Classes use a step/warning process and out of class time out system. There are slips  to notify parents and keep track of student behaviour. Our Code of Conduct has been developed to support students in monitoring their own behaviour.

Student Behaviour Management 2015.pdf

Code of conduct.pdf

Bullying and Harassment Policy 2015.pdf